Check out the trendy shoes under the appearance of our 2 running shoes!

Running shoes are mostly used by people for running, and they are rarely worn by people in daily life. If paired with jeans, it looks a bit nondescript; paired with sports pants, it is a bit strange in terms of professionalism! The reason is that the traditional design of running shoes is too bloated and complicated, which makes the positioning of running shoes awkward in daily wear.

Most of the running shoes nowadays are more and more simple in appearance. After removing those exaggerated lines, the boundary between the trendy shoes and the trendy shoes is becoming more and more blurred. In many cases, you can go out of the street without changing your shoes after running. Who said running shoes can’t go out of the street? It’s just because you haven’t encountered these running shoes!


This has always been known as the king of jogging shoes, and its “presidential jogging shoes” have left a deep impression on people. But what is surprising is that this running shoe is made into a special shoe: the design of flying mesh + shoelaces. If you didn’t see it with your own eyes, can you believe this is a pair of running shoes?

The full-length woven upper ensures the breathability of the shoe. The printed stripes on both sides of the shoe body add decoration. The midsole is equipped with the wasp cushioning technology, which has a sense of fashion and comfort. The texture of suede leather and the logo design of a small piece of leather on the tongue make this pair of shoes look good when paired with jeans.


Compared with BOOST series running shoes, this coconut running shoe is more affordable. Although the price, it does not mean that its design is inferior to BOOST running shoes. The consistent streamlined design and unique “shark fin” design make this pair of shoes a hot shoe in the mid-market.

This shoe has a mid-bottom texture similar to that of the coconut boost 350, coupled with several different color schemes, fashionable people from all walks of life choose this pair of shoes to wear. In addition, this pair of shoes is also equipped with bounse technology, so that you will not feel tired after walking or running for a long time.

Carefully studied the recent shoe trends and discovered these characteristics!

To”Playing” is not popular to do it alone. In the world of footwear, “gangs and cliques” work hand in hand to do things together, so that playfulness is doubled at once, which has become a new realm that brands are aiming for.


For example, the joint canvas shoes will be inspired by military winter boots, which are thick and thick as if they can be worn in the sub-frigid coniferous forest; while the Martin boot joint style will find a retro style suitable for all ages in the multi-lace punk soul. potential.

Post time: Jan-18-2022