How to disinfect the worn shoes

The perfect shoes in our minds may come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and old and new levels. If you find a pair of shoes that you like very much during a second-hand store or mall clearance sale, you may need to deal with the shoes a little bit before putting them on. As long as you are willing to take the effort to disinfect your newly bought shoes, you will soon be able to walk around in style with them.


method 1

Wash shoes


1 Clean the insole. When you are ready to wash your shoes, take the insoles out and wash them. Pour some hot water in a small basin, add washing powder and stir well. Wipe the insoles with a sponge or cloth dipped in detergent to remove odors and dirt. After wiping, rinse the insoles with hot water. Finally, put the insole on a towel or next to the window to dry. If the washed insole still smells bad, put some baking soda in the plastic bag and put in the insole. After putting it on all night, the smell of the insole disappeared the next day. If the baking soda still does not eliminate the odor, you can also soak the insole in a vinegar solution. After 2 to 3 hours, wash the insoles with water and soap to remove the vinegar smell.


2 Put the machine washable shoes in the washing machine to wash. Most shoes, such as running shoes, sports shoes, cloth shoes, etc., can be washed in a washing machine. If your shoes can also be machine washed, be sure to wash them with warm water and strong detergent. It is best to air dry the washed shoes naturally instead of putting them in a dryer. Remove the laces first, and then put the shoes in the washing machine. Shoes made of suede, leather, plastic or other delicate and fragile materials cannot be machine washed.


3 Shoes made of high-end fabrics must be washed by hand. If you want to wash high-end sports shoes or shoes with more delicate fabrics, you can’t put them in the washing machine. Instead, you must wash them by hand. First add detergent in warm water to create bubbles, then use a rag or soft brush dipped in detergent to brush gently. After brushing, find a clean rag and moisten it with warm water. Wipe the shoes carefully to wipe off the foam.

4 Leather shoes can also be washed by hand. Dip a cloth with a mixture of washing powder and water, and gently wipe the shoes clean. Shoes made of suede can be washed by hand, but you must be careful when washing them. First use a rag or soft bristle brush to wipe or brush the dust off the shoes vertically one by one. The vertical brush can more effectively remove the dirt in the fabric. If you are worried that suede shoes will be washed out, take the shoes to a special laundry for cleaning.

Method 2

Disinfect shoes with chemicals


1 Soak shoes in rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is the best choice to eliminate odor and kill bacteria. If you need to disinfect sports shoes or cloth shoes, soak the shoes in a basin or a large bowl of rubbing alcohol. If the fabric of the shoes is easily damaged, just use a cloth dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the shoes.


2 Disinfect the shoes with a mixture of bleach and water. The chemical properties of bleach are very strong, so it is very effective for disinfecting shoes. Unless the shoes are white, you can only spray disinfectant water inside the shoes so that there will be no bleached marks on the surface of the shoes. Just spray some bleach solution in the shoes with a small watering can, and the task of disinfecting the shoes is completed.


3 Antibacterial spray can disinfect any type of shoes. Any antibacterial spray containing cresol soap or sodium hypochlorite can disinfect the inside of shoes. Spray every part of the shoes. Make sure the shoes are completely dry before putting them on. In addition to disinfection, antibacterial sprays can also remove the peculiar smell of shoes.

Method 3

Deodorization treatment


1 Use vinegar to deodorize. We all know that vinegar can remove some stubborn odors-of course a pair of stinky shoes is no problem. When you wash your shoes with detergent solution, pour a small amount of vinegar in the water and stir well. After washing the shoes, you can also wipe the shoes with a cloth dipped in pure white vinegar. As the vinegar smell dissipates, the peculiar smell will also disappear.


2 Deodorize with baking soda. Baking soda has a good deodorizing effect, and it also has a good effect on stinky shoes. Pour 2 to 3 tablespoons of baking soda directly into the shoes, then shake it a few times to evenly cover the inside of the shoes. Let the shoes sit all night, and pour out the baking soda the next day.


3 Put the drying paper in the dress shoes. Drying paper can make clothes smell nice and fragrant, and putting it in smelly shoes has the same effect. Put two pieces of drying paper into the two shoes and wait patiently for a few days. Just take out the drying paper when you want to wear it. This method should greatly improve the smell of shoes. Drying paper can be put in any shoes, but for dress shoes that cannot be soaked in vinegar water, the drying paper deodorizing method is definitely worth a try.

Post time: Jan-18-2022