Teach you to make your shoes last longer! How to store shoes so that they will not be moldy and damaged!

To Many girls have multiple pairs of shoes,It’s more troublesome to take care of the shoes.Keep your winter shoes in summer, and the same goes for winter.How to store it for a long time without mold and damage? Today, I will share some tips to teach you the correct maintenance and storage methods, which will help prolong the life of shoes.


Often wear

If you have multiple pairs of shoes at the same time, make sure to wear each pair of shoes regularly. Because the shoes are left for a long time, problems such as degumming and cracking of the upper are prone to occur.
Shoes also need “rest days”

Shoes that you wear often will absorb sweat and be exposed to rain. If there is no “rest day” for the shoes, they will not be able to dry out and will break quickly.

Don’t go around the world with a pair of shoes. It is best to “rest” one day every two or three days when you wear shoes. Work shoes with a high usage rate, it is best to have two or three pairs of alternating wear.
After the shoes are worn, they should be air-dried in a ventilated place. After an hour or two, the shoe cabinet should be taken back to prevent moisture and odor.

Leather shoes should not be dried if they get wet

The rainy season is down. If you are wearing leather shoes and encounter rain, you should use a dry cloth to press out the upper and the excess water in the shoes as soon as possible after returning home. Then, put newspaper or toilet paper into the shoe to absorb water and fix the shape of the shoe, and continue to replace it until the moisture is completely absorbed. Finally, put the shoes in a ventilated and cool place to air dry.
But don’t use hair dryers, dryers, or put the shoes directly in the sun to prevent the leather from cracking and damage.


Use waterproof spray regularly to prevent moisture

Shoes will “lose life” when exposed to moisture. It is recommended to use waterproof spray regularly to protect leather shoes. Part of the waterproof spray can be used for leather, canvas, suede and other shoe uppers.
Different cleaners for different leathers

Leather shoe cleaners have different properties, such as gel, foam, spray, liquid, and paste. Before using care products, you need to understand whether it will affect the color of leather, especially light-colored shoes. Some maintenance fluids will come with soft-bristled shoe brushes or fabrics, and using them together can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.

Shoes should also “moisturize”

Like the skin, leather shoes also need to be moisturized. Continuous use of leather special care products to care for leather shoes can improve the brightness and softness of the leather, and reduce the probability of drying and cracking. After using shoe polish, shoe cream, and shoe spray to maintain your shoes, it is best to place your shoes in a ventilated place before storing them.

But shiny leather, patent leather, matte leather and suede leather (suede) are maintained in different ways. Editor’s suggestion: When buying shoes, ask the store for the correct maintenance method, and then use special products for cleaning and maintenance.


Regular ventilation

If shoes are kept in closed spaces for a long time, they are also prone to spoilage and smell. Editor’s suggestion: The shoes you wear less are best kept in a ventilated place. The shoes stored in the cupboard should also be taken out at least once a month to allow the shoes to be blown and ventilated.

Spray deodorant after wearing

The inside of the shoes is damp, which tends to grow bacteria and smell. In addition to allowing the shoes to “rest” and air-dry, spray some shoe-specific deodorant after each wear, which is an effective way to sterilize and deodorize.

Use the last to maintain the shape of the shoe

Shoes that you don’t usually wear often will be deformed after a long time, so you need to use wood or plastic lasts to support them.


How to preserve leather boots

Boots are the same as ordinary shoes. Make sure they are clean and dry before putting them away. Moisture-proof deodorant can be placed in the boots and replaced regularly to absorb moisture and prevent the boots from becoming moldy due to dampness after long-term storage.

When buying shoes, keep the original filling or support, which can be used to maintain the shape of the shoe when changing seasons. Otherwise, the way to keep the shape of the shoes cheap and good is to stuff newspapers in the front of the shoes or boots.

In the case of high boots, the tube-shaped part can be rolled into a tube with a beverage bottle or cardboard, or even expired books, newspapers and magazines, which can be used to support the shoe tube.

Post time: Jan-18-2022