When fashion stepped down the ladder of nobility, faded its gorgeous appearance and chose to return to the market, the streets and alleys immediately felt a wave of personality boiling power!


Who said that the roots of fineness are the kingly way, I stepped on the bathhouse and still strode meteors. So the earthy sandals traveled from the yellow old photos to the show, and the old shoes came out again from the ash-covered shoe cabinet. They are undoubtedly proclaiming: Only see the ugliness? The pattern is broken, and personality is the core of the trend!

Therefore, there is a brand that wants to enlarge the trick to combine the above two characteristics together.And you would never expect it to be…


The hole shoes you must wear every day when walking! What was your impression of these ugly big-toed shoes before? Needless to say, even the pond on the street is very familiar with it.


However, in the worldview of shoemakers, it has never been just a pair of “shoe cabinet hermits” that are obscure and necessary for walking. Whether it’s the cute little buttons of Zhibixing that make it itch the curious babies, or the co-branding to make it more grotesque, our playful rules for dominating the ground are always the same:

Never restless, never defined.


Deviant? Can’t figure it out? In fact, every time a shoe is made is not grandstanding, but completely opens up the trend of imagination, and is not willing to fall into stereotypes.

No matter which style lover you are,
Can find resonance in our joint models.

Post time: Jan-18-2022